In a life some time ago, before my kids arrived, I loved modified cars. So when I started looking into containers and followed the awesome tutorial at Docker Curriculum I saw an opportunity to rework the Flask app for my own re-use when tinkering with container tutorials and as i worked my way into AWS container functions.

This is the repo if you want to adjust the app and fork/reuse it.

Its about as basic as it gets. Its a flask app, so a few lines of python, which sets up some dictionaries which link to static content hosted in S3. if you run the app, remember to add “?manufacturer=audi|bmw|vw” to the url or it will error. There are lots of refinements to make to this app, if it were anything other than a quick toy to use when spinning containers up. Maybe some day I’ll add to it.

If you wanted to run this app, then it ought to be this simple.

git clone
cd carpics
docker build -t <your_repo_name>/carpics .
docker run -p 8080:5000 bytejunkie77/carpics

now visit localhost:8080?manufacturer=audi to see some tasty german motors.